Internal rules

These internal rules regulate the use of the holiday home, as well as the rights and obligations of the guest of Vase Holiday Home. An employee of the Holiday Home informs the guest about the internal regulations. The holiday home's owner has the right to choose guests at its own discretion, for the safety of others or economic reasons, and has no obligation to rent the holiday home to a guest unsuitable for it. The guest who has made a reservation to the Holiday Home is the main guest responsible for the Holiday Home.

The main guest is responsible for all possible accidents, damages and compliance of the internal rules. No later than 1 hour before departure, the guest notifies the Holiday Home's owner. The guest should not leave until the owner arrives to the Holiday Home for an inspection or if the owner gives permission to do so. If the guest is aware of the damage caused to the Holiday Home, they need to mark the damages on the inspection sheet and confirm it with their signature. The guest is obliged to compensate for all damages that are noted on the inspection sheet after use. The guest does not have to be present during these operations.Additional fees must be paid by the guest on the basis of the submitted invoice within three days from the issuance of the invoice. The damage shall be assessed on the basis of its restoration cost.

Property manual

  • Please park your car(s) in the designated area.
  • Please do not throw garbage on the property.
  • It is forbidden to engage with activities on Vase Holiday Home territory prohibited in the Republic of Estonia (theft, malicious damage, robbery, murder, use of drugs or weapons etc).
  • It is forbidden to cause harm to the territory, animals that are passing the territory or nature.
  • It is forbidden to break the house and other building in the property.
  • It is forbidden to have more people in the territory than has been notified to the owner. 

Vase Holiday Home room manual

  • Parties are not allowed!
  • Smoking is inside of the house is forbidden, the fine for smoking is 100€.
  • Please collect all the garbage to the trash bins and leave to the designated place. We are recycling waste and also we have a special container for compostable waste. Throwing trash to the property is not allowed. 
  • It is forbidden to engage with activities prohibited in the Republic of Estonia (theft, malicious damage, robbery, murder, use of drugs or weapons etc).
  • It is forbidden to vandalize/break the building, furniture, dishes and other inventory. Please do not wear outside footwear inside. 
  • It is forbidden to urinate, vomit etc in a place not designated for this purpose.
  • It is not allowed to have more people in the holiday home than indicated in the booking.

Vase Holiday Home reminder

Checking-in starts from 15.00. Early check-in is possible when agreed otherwise.

Vase Holiday Home has the right to ask deposit from the guests. The deposit would be 200€. We take the deposit only in cash and if it might happen that the guest has caused damage to the house or ignored the house rules, the deposit will not be returned. If the house is fine after checking we will return the deposit to the guest in cash. 

Checking-out 12.00 the latest, if not agreed otherwise.

Late check-out is subject to availability and prior agreement.

When checking-out the guests need to return the house key. Fine for losing or not returning the key is 50€.

Organizing and throwing parties in Vase Holiday home territory is strictly prohibited. 

Curfew starts at 23.00 and ends at 06.00. Vase Holiday Home has neighbours and it is forbidden to disturb them.

Vase Holiday Home is a pet friendly! When making the booking, please inform us! There are rules for pet owners and the owners are responsible for any damage caused by the pet(s). Additional fee for a pet is 10€/per pet/per night.

We expect out guests to follow social rules, Vase Holiday home house rules and good behavior traditions. If the rules have been broken, we are allowed to ask the guests to leave the holiday home and it's territory. In case of asking to leave, the guest is still obligated to pay for the accommodation booked and extra services ordered.

Vase Holiday Home is not responsible for the loss or destruction of personal belongings left unattended by the guest. If necessary, the G4S security company will ensure the order.

Vase Holiday Home outside area is secured with cameras.

Vase Holiday Home has the right to claim damages for violations of the accommodation rules.

Vase Holiday Home will have the right to change prices according to availability and seasons. This does not affect confirmed bookings.

Accommodation prices include VAT 9 %.